Thursday, July 23, 2020

Introducing the Cardinal Innovation Center Memes Gallery

The Cardinal Innovation Center Memes Gallery is a curated collection of student-generated Memes across all subject areas and grade levels. It is designed to be a growing resource for students to refer to when reviewing learning as well as previewing new learning. 

This Gallery has been growing slowly over the past few years. Though not as "full" as the Cardinal Innovation Center Sketchnotes Gallery, it does have some clever student-generated insights. At this point, History/Social Studies classes have submitted the most memes while ELA is starting to grow a little bit. This coming school year, I look forward to filling this gallery with numerous memes across all content areas and 6-12 grade levels. 

Click here to browse the Cardinal Innovation Center Memes GalleryIf interesting in submitting your own memes, please use Google Slides to create and share with Be sure to include the subject, topic and grade level.

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