COJUSD Google Certified Student Level 1


The COJUSD Google Certified Student program is designed for students to practice and show mastery of skills within the Google Workspace for Education ecosystem. Though not an official certification through Google, it was developed by Google Certified Trainer Mr. Juarez with help from Mr. Ermie and Mr. Wells. 

Each app has at least two parts. When you click on a part, you'll be taken to a Quizizz Game Link. Enter your name and start the game. Read each scenario, watch the video, take notes and answer the question after each video. To get certified, you must get 100 percent on the Quizizz. You can take the Quizizz as many times as necessary. Next to each part is a note taking tool you can print out to help with the questions on Quizizz.

When you have scored 100 percent on each Quizizz, you will be invited to do a screencast on Flipgrid to demonstrate a list of skills for each app. When you click the Flipgrid link, you will see a list of skills you must demonstrate. You will use the Flipgrid screen record option to demonstrate mastery. You may use the notes you took during Quizizz to help you narrate each skill. 

Mr. Juarez will keep track of your scores on Quizizz and confirm the accuracy of your screencasts. After Mr. Juarez confirms your scores and screencasts, you will earn the COJUSD Google Certified Student Level 1 certificate and badge.


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Google Docs

Google Drive

Google Keep

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Google Slides

Google Tasks


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