Friday, May 20, 2022

Google Certification Update in COJUSD


This school year, we have reignited our drive to get as many educators as possible to earn Google Certification. So far this year, we have quite a few who have passed the Level 1 and Level 2 exams in addition to many doing recertification for the Level 1 exam. Both Level 1 and Level 2 certifications last three years. Take a look below at our newly minted Google Certified Educators Level 1, Level 2 and re-certified Level 1.

Google Certified Educator Level 1

Betsy Lutz, Blake Kelley, Isaak Gomez, Daljit Singh, Gary Roldan, Taylor Linn, Yanet Parra, Irma Garcia, Darlene Isaak, Karina Moya, Carol Montag, Gloria Carrillo, Gracie Valdez, Karina Milligan, Nora Celis, Joanna Green, Kaylee Cardosa. Denise Vanderwall, Julie Capistran, Miguel Gutierrez

Google Certified Educator Level 2

Chris Swanson, Felicia Valencia, Melissa Troncozo, Daljit Singh, Megan Thiessen

Google Certified Educator Level 1 Re-Certified

Chris Swanson, Jennifer Orosco, Kelly Pennebaker, Melissa Troncozo, Felicia Valencia, Nichole Jimenez

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