Thursday, October 15, 2020

You're Not Going To Want To Miss Fall CUE 2020

 The organization of CUE, Computer Using Educators, has been one of the greatest forces in my development as an educator. In addition to getting involved in "EDU Twitter", joining CUE was a watershed moment in my career. CUE has connected me with countless educators who continually fill my teacher soul with ideas and strategies. This network not only refreshes me professionally, but personally as well. I consider many of them dear friends. Now I am not suggesting you replace your old friends with educator friends, but CUE will really help you connect with like-minded people. I am an extreme example, as not only did I meet my wife via CUE, we actually got married at Fall CUE 2018. The ceremony was a session attendees could attend. 

When you attend CUE, that strategy you've been looking for to reach the "one student" can be found. The idea you've been pining for to spice up your lessons is waiting for you. If you feel you need to save time and improve efficiency, there will be plenty of sessions to help with workflow. If you're looking for strategies to improve coaching or how an admin can best leverage coaches or improve efficiency or how to reimagine images, CUE has you covered (hint: my sessions).

This year, Fall CUE will be virtual. The beauty of virtual Fall CUE is that it only costs $79. Even better, the district will cover that cost for you. That is a bargain for high quality PD. No matter your grade level, subject, position or experience level, there is something for everyone at Fall CUE. If you are looking to learn more about Google, Microsoft, Apple, Tech Coaching, SEL, K-2 students, ELL's, etc, Fall CUE has you covered.

Reply to this email and your name will be sent to the district office to register. Attendees will not be compensated for time. Only registration for the conference is covered by the district. If you attend, please save your notes and other resources as evidence of attendance.

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