Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Use Chrome's QR Code Function to Display Lesson Plans for Admin and Coaches


As we return to full-time, face to face instruction, we are inching our way backs to a sense of normalcy. One feature of the job that is returning is administrators and coaches walking into classrooms. As a coach, when doing informal walk thru's, the last thing I want to do is interrupt your class flow by asking or searching for lesson plans. One way to help prevent admin or coach disruption by lesson plan search is to post a QR code near the door that links to lesson plans. 

If you have a preferred weekly lesson plan template saved on Google Docs, fill it out the first week. Each week, copy the previous week and paste it at the top of the document. This way, the most recent week is at the top and it allows you to keep a running record of all your lesson plans on one document. 

After filling the lesson plan template out the first time, click in the Omnibox (address bar). When you do, you'll see a QR code button appear on the right side. Click it.

A dropdown will appear with a QR code to your lesson plan template. Click the download button to save it to your computer. It won't allow you to copy and paste the image from the dropdown. Be sure to set the sharing permissions on the Doc for anyone with a link or specific people to be able to view it.

Create a new Google Doc and insert the downloaded QR code. Drag the corners of the image to make it appear larger within the Doc. Click the print button and print a copy.

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