Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Welcome Back to School Tip: Use Chrome Groups to Organize Tabs for Each Class


Welcome back! I hope you're having a wonderful new school year. If you use Google Chrome, you know how easy it is to get stuck in tab overload. Too many tabs open at once can be a multitasking nightmare. You can get caught spending a frustrating amount of time trying to find the right tab. Sometimes you just open another instead of looking for the one you need. 

Hidden within Google Chrome is the ability to create tab groups. This helps you label groups of tabs you have open for better organization. Take a look at the screenshot below. In this Chrome window, I have Chrome tab groups set up for two classes that I teach. I have a group for my 6th period class and one for my 7th period class. If you look closely, each group has a different color. This helps me see easily which tabs I have open for each class. 

Get started by right clicking on a tab. In the menu that appears, hover your cursor over Add Tab to Group. From there, select New Group to create your first group. You can add other tabs to your newly created group by repeating this process, but instead select the group name. You can also drag and drop tabs horizontally into a group. 

The possibilities are endless for the ways you can organize Chrome with tab groups. You can create groups for class periods, subjects, projects, checking for understanding apps, engagement websites and much more. 

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