Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Google Classroom Mobile App: Random Student Selector Feature


Since distance learning began, Google Classroom, like all education apps, has seen a dramatic increase in usage. On the teacher, end, in my experience, the Google Classroom mobile app largely goes unnoticed. The mobile app has features that you don't find on the web. One of those is the random student selector feature. 

This feature has many uses in both distance learning and face to face instruction. In distance learning, if you joined your video call with your phone or tablet, you could present/share screen showing the random selector. In face to face, your phone could serve as a random selector while you walk around the class. No need to stand by your computer or desk looking for popsicle sticks.

The screenshots below show you how to get started using the Google Classroom Mobile App student selector feature.

Step 1: Using the Google Classroom mobile app on phone or tablet, open a Classroom and go to the People tab. In the top right corner of the People tab, click the "four box" button. This will open the Student Selector.

Step 2: On the Student Selector, click the Start button to randomly select a student.

Step 3: When you select a student, their name will appear in the middle of the screen. You will see a tally of how many students have not been picked, picked and absent. These numbers automatically update. If you want to return to a student, you can click the Call later button. If a student is absent, there is a button for that. After calling on a student, you click Next to randomly select another student.

If you feel the need to start over with your selection, click the Reset button at the top right. 

If you click any of the tally numbers, it will take you to a "report" of which students where picked, not picked and marked absent.

This feature has many distance learning and face to face applications. It can be used of random checking for understanding, attendance and more. How might you use this tool? If you have any cool ideas, please share them with me.

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