Thursday, November 19, 2020

Google Hangouts Replaced with Google Chat

Google has been talking about ending Google Hangouts for a couple of years. That time is nearly here. Hangouts has been Google's instant messaging and video chat service. Google is splitting Hangouts into two separate apps, Google Chat for instant messaging and Google Meet for video chat.

As of right now, what you see below is how Google Hangouts integrates within Gmail. Many of you use this often to communicate quickly and informally with colleagues. Now that Chat is replacing the Hangouts' instant messaging, nothing will change in how you access it in Gmail. Early in 2021, the look of this integration will change. 


At this point, what you see above and below is how you instant message a colleague in Hangouts when in Gmail. Click the "plus" button to start a new conversation or click a name in the list on the left to continue an already started conversation.

To see the new Google Chat, open a new tab in Chrome and go to The interface will not look dramatically different than that of the Hangouts website, You will notice that your Google Hangouts messages will have migrated to Google Chat and they can be continued.

In Google Chat, when you click on a conversation, what you see below is how it will operate.

A feature of Chat not found in Hangouts is Rooms. Rooms is a space where a group of people collaborate on a project. It allows you to have multiple chat threads for different aspects of a project. For example, the ELA department could have a "Planning" room where there is a thread for each subject. Each thread is like a "text breakout room". 

In the top left corner of Google Chat, you can set your status as Active. This lets colleagues know if you're available to chat. You can snooze your status for a set amount of time to prevent disturbances.

Google Chat has not integrated completely into Gmail for our district yet. As of now, it is integrated, but it still appears as Hangouts. When full integration occurs, what you see below is how it will look. Gmail will be a one stop shop. On the left side of Gmail, you will see Chat, Rooms and Meet.

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