Thursday, March 18, 2021

Chromebook Update: Built in Screecasting


For educators, screencasting has been an essential part of distance learning. Most of us have a favorite screencasting app. For students, screencasting is a great strategy for demonstrating learning and creativity. If your students are on Chromebooks, they likely have had to use Chrome extensions such as Screencastify or Nimbus to record their screens. The can also record their screens with Flipgrid. 

With the most recent Chromebook update, version 89, screencasting or the ability to record the screen is now built in. This is done by using the same keyboard command as you would use to start a screenshot. The screenshot menu will appear on the screen, and as seen below, now has the option to record video in next to the screenshot button.

The keyboard command is to simultaneously hold down Control (CTRL), Shift and the Switcher Key. The switcher key is the button just above the number 6. 

There are so many engaging ways you can have students screencast. Have them create slides and explain. Have record a read aloud of text so you can check their comprehension and fluency. How might you have students screencast?

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