Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Filter YouTube Search for Shorter Videos

Distance learning schedules are set so you see your students only a couple times per week. With time at a premium, maximizing time is essential. Before the pandemic, when we saw students more often, and we wanted to use an instructional video from YouTube, we didn't have to think too much about the length of the video. Nowadays, finding a solid video that fits into our time constraints is hugely important. To aid in that enterprise, use the Filter tool in YouTube to find videos that are 4 minutes or less. 

Start by entering a query in the YouTube search bar and clicking the search button.

When the search results appear, you'll see that the length of the videos vary. In the example below, you see one for 13 minutes and another for over an hour. The 13 minute video may not be feasible for a synchronous lesson, and the hour long video definitely wouldn't work. Click the Filter button change the search results to show shorter videos.

After clicking the Filter button, you'll see a variety of ways in which to filter your search. Under the Duration category, click Short (< 4 minutes). This will filter your search to only show results that are videos 4 minutes in length or less. 

After setting the filter, you'll notice that each video in the results are less than 4 minutes in length.

In addition to time constraints of synchronous lessons, students today prefer videos that get to the point. Documentaries that those with a degree or credential in that subject may present great information, but cause students to lose interest quickly. Oftentimes, shorter videos present the same information, but in a quicker, more engaging format for today's students.

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