Thursday, January 7, 2021

Force Copy Hack for Google Sites


One of my favorite little Google Workspace hacks is the ability to create a force copy of a Google Doc or Google Slides presentation. For a while now, teachers have been asking me if this can be done with Google Sites. The method used to create a force copy link with Docs and Slides cannot be used with Sites, but there is a way around it. It's not quite as quick and easy, but simple enough and it gets the job done.

Start by creating a new folder in Google Drive.

With the folder open, click on the folder name and select share. Change the permissions to Viewer.

Open the new folder, click New and start a new Google Site. Set up the Site as a template for which you want students to use. Because you started it in a folder that has Viewer permissions, Viewer permissions will be applied to your Site template.

When finished setting up your template Site, right click on the file in Drive and click Get link.

Copy this link and paste into an email, Google Classroom or any method of communication with students.

When the student opens the link, it will look like what you see below. 

If they merely click the file, they will not be able to manipulate it. It will be preview only. But, if they right click the file and select Make a copy, they will be able to copy the template Site you created. 

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