Thursday, April 29, 2021

New Zoom Feature: Immersive View


With the most recent update to Zoom, you are able to enable Immersive View. Though new to Zoom, this feature has been widely used by Microsoft Teams users. If you've watched the NBA or WWE during the pandemic, you have seen virtual crowds. Immersive View provides a similar experience. What it does is allow you to see your meeting attendees in scenes such as an auditorium or as pictures in an art gallery, just to name a few. Take a look at the gif below to see what it can look like in Zoom. 

Get started by opening your Zoom Desktop Client (Mac or PC). Click your profile picture in the top right corner. In the dropdown menu that appears, click Check for Updates. Follow the steps and update the Client to the most recent version.

Once updated, login to your Zoom account on the web. Go to your Settings and navigate over to the In Meeting (Advanced) section.

Scroll down to the section titled Immersive View. Click the toggle to turn on this feature.

The next time you start a meeting, click View in the top right corner. In the dropdown menu that appears, you will now see an option for Immersive. 

In the pop up window that appears, you will see different options for the Immersive View layout. You can arrange your meeting attendees like portraits on a wall (as seen below), in an auditorium, a classroom and more. Each layout has a number that denotes how many can be seen at once.

Below is a sample of what the auditorium layout looks like. 

If you're anything like me, you will be excited to try this new feature. Which layouts will you use? If you have any questions and would like a follow up, contact me via Gmail or Chat at My book, The Complete EdTech Coach: An Organic Approach to Digital Learning, co-authored with my wife Katherine Goyette is now available on Amazon. Click here to purchase. It is published by Dave Burgess Publishing. Be sure to follow the hashtag #OrganicEdTech and #CVTechTalk for updates.

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