Saturday, September 11, 2021

Help English Learners with Translator Chrome Extension for FASTER Translation


Vocabulary is very important for all learners, English learners in particular. Translating vocabulary, instructions, etc. isn't difficult thanks to the magic of free online translators such as Google Translate. The issue with translation it can be cumbersome. I could create separate versions of Quizlet study sets, Quizizz quizzes, instructions, etc. in another language, but that is time consuming. 

To help with their development with the English language, I like to have definitions, instructions, etc. translated into home languages side by side. I want them to see it both languages at the same time. To accomplish this, in the past, I kept Google Translate open in a separate tab. Tab switching isn't hard, but it's annoying. I have also used the Google Translate Chrome Extension which allowed me to select text, right click and select Google Translate, but it opens Google Translate in a new tab. 

To streamline my workflow, I looked for an alternate to the Google Translate Chrome Extension and I found the Translator Extension. Click here to add it to Chrome. With this, when highlight the text I want to translate, an icon appears. I click it and a pop-up appears where I can immediately see my text translated. I click the copy button and add to my document. This allows me to stay in the same tab the entire time.


The example below is how I use it when I translate Quizlet definitions into Spanish, side by side with English. 

I start by adding the English definition. Next, I select the text and click the Translator icon that appears next to my text.

A pop up appears showing my text translated into Spanish. There is a copy button in the top left of the pop up.

With my copied Spanish text, I paste next to the English text.

Not having to switch tabs makes translating much easier and less cumbersome. What are you looking to translate for English learners?

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