Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Prep for Google Certified Educator Level 2 Exam: YouTube


The Google Certified Educator Level 2 Exam has gone through some changes recently. In the past, it was 20 questions multiple choice and 11 performance tasks. The current iteration is 35 multiple choice questions based off of scenarios. Questions will ask you to choose between 1-5 correct answers. These questions require you to be familiar with the features and functionality of each Google Workspace for Education App. 

For YouTube, you need to be familiar with the following features and functionality.
- Know how to share and curate videos with co-workers via playlists, etc. 
- Know how to share videos via links for email or social media
- Know how to access embed code of a video for embedding on a Site
- Know how to add Cards and the purpose of Cards
- Know how to create and record videos for effective lessons

Click here to go through some YouTube Practice Scenarios on Quizizz Lessons. These scenarios are NOT the same as the test, but similar. If you understand the skills demonstrated in the videos and can answer my checking for understanding questions, you will be prepared for the YouTube portions of the Level 2 Exam.

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