Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Get Acquainted with Your YouTube Channel


When we were kids, we knew if we didn't want to miss our favorite shows, we had to be in front of that TV at the time the show was on. If not, we missed out. Our bathroom breaks couldn't be longer than the length of a commercial break if we didn't want to miss anything. The current generation doesn't know that struggle. Their entertainment is totally on-demand with the ability to pause and rewind everything.  In addition to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other streaming services, YouTube is right up there with kids' favorite methods of entertainment. 

As distance learning has nudged us toward pre-recorded asynchronous lessons, YouTube is a great tool for engaging students and helping English learners access content. YouTube allows English learners to enable subtitles on the video in their home language. In addition, YouTube videos use less data and bandwidth than streaming a video from Google Drive.

To get started on YouTube, you have to enable your channel. Believe or not, your school Gmail account already has a channel. You just need to enable it. Once enabled, as you upload your lessons, you'll use the YouTube Studio to manage the videos in your account. The videos below show how to enable your channel and how to navigate the YouTube Studio.

How to Enable Your YouTube Channel

The Basics of Your YouTube Studio in Your YouTube Channel

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