Monday, December 7, 2020

Get "Moted" with Motepad


If you're anything like me, you probably love using the Mote Chrome extension to leave verbal feedback for students. Some students, English learners in particular, respond better to verbal feedback instead of merely text. 

Mote has been a great tool for leaving feedback. Until recently, Mote existed within Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) apps such as Docs, Slides, Classroom, etc. Now the Mote extension allows you to create verbal notes and feedback from any screen when you're using Chrome. Mote calls this Motepad. Check it out, in action, on this YouTube video.

Click the extension and in the dropdown menu, click Record a mote voice note. 

Immediately, you'll see the 1:30 countdown timer for you to start recording. 

Click done when you're finished and it will automatically copied to your clipboard. 
With your mote voice recording now on your clipboard, the possibilities of where you can paste it are endless. It can be placed into a Gmail message, a Chat response just to name a few. You can paste it anywhere you need to respond or reply on the internet.

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