Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Voice Instructions With Mote When You Make A Copy For Each Student


In a recent blog post (click here to read), I demonstrated a new update to the Mote Chrome extension. This update allows you to record voice notes with Mote and paste the link anywhere. Previously, Mote recordings could only be embedded in Google Classroom and other Google Workspace apps. 

Giving students verbal instructions is a very useful strategy. Students who struggle to read often better understand hearing the instructions read aloud by the teacher. This is a great scaffold for English learners. Using the Google Classroom platform, a common practice is to attach Slides or Docs and make a copy for each student.

Now that you can paste Mote recordings anywhere, you can create a template Slide or Doc with the Mote link pasted in. When you make a copy for each student in Google Classroom, the voice recording is instantly distributed to all students. Check out the example below.

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