Friday, February 5, 2021

Record Immersive Reader as Scaffold for English Learners


If you haven't added the Immersive Reader Chrome extension, you're going to want to ASAP. This Chrome extension allows you to select text online, right click and have it read aloud in virtually any language. Parts of speech can be color coded in addition to other features. If it all possible, coordinate with whomever is in charge of your school's Google domain and have this extension pushed out to student accounts. It is a valuable tool for English learners accessing content.

If you have access to the Chrome Web Store, add it to Chrome. If no access, speak to whomever is in charge of the domain ask them to push it your account.

Go to virtually any web page and highlight/select some text.

Right click on the highlighted/selected text. In the menu, click Help me read this.

After clicking Help me read this, the current tab you're in will be taken over by Immersive reader. To return to page where you found the text, click the back arrow in the top left corner (not shown here). On this page, you'll see the text in big letters and a play button at the bottom. The play button will immediately read you selected text in English.

To translate, in the top right corner, click the icon that looks like an open book. This will open a menu with many options on the right side of the screen.

Below where it says Translate, click the dropdown menu and select your desired language. At the bottom of this menu, turn on the switch for Document. This will translate the entirety of your selected text.

Almost instantly, you'll see the language of the text translate. Click the play button to have it read in the new language.

If your English learners need further assistance or an extra scaffold, use your favorite screencasting tool to record the reading of the translated text. You can share the video with the student and have them follow along the English text while hearing it in their language.

The example below was created using Screencastify. 

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