Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Cardinal Innovation Center Update: Hashtags Gallery - Andrew Jackson and the Common Man

Hashtags are a great way for students to make real life to content connections. This works well as an exit ticket, checking for understanding, reflection and or asynchronous assignment. Check out some of the hashtags from a lesson I taught recently about Andrew Jackson.

In this lesson, students learned about how Andrew Jackson sought to represent the common man in addition to his exploits as a military leader and President of United States.

#NachoLibre - Andrew Jackson reminds me of Nacho Libre because like him they were both orphans and they both were common men that cared for something deeply. Nacho Libre cared about the orphanage and Jackson cared for common white folks.

#SpiderMan - Jackson reminds me of Spiderman because they both had family members die at a young age, but then became great figures in society doing some heroic things and making mistakes.

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