Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Get Started Sending Custom Group Messages with Remind 101

Get Started Sending Custom Group Messages with Remind 101

Like many edtech apps and companies today, Remind 101 is becoming more popular than ever. As more and more teachers are using this great tool, a question I get asked often is how to send group messages to select students and not to whole classes. Teachers who ask me this are usually looking for a quick way to message students for intervention or small group work purposes. The series of screenshots below show how.

Step 1: On your Remind 101 homepage, click the compose message button.

Step 2: In the search bar, type student names and check mark the ones you want to include in a group message. You may have to do multiple searches to check mark all the students you want.

Step 3: As you check mark students for the group message, they will appear on the left below where it says Selected. Anyone there will be included in the message. Click Continue when you're ready to compose your message.

Step 4: Type your message in the white box. Student names will be in the "To" bar above. If you need to go back and add more students, click the edit button on the left side of the "To" bar. This will take you back to the previous window where you searched for and check marked students. Click Send when ready.

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