Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Use Remove.bg to Jazz Up Your Slides

 Use Remove.bg to Jazz Up Your Slides

Remove.bg is one of my favorite new websites. In a nutshell, it allows you to remove the background from images. When putting together slides for a lesson or presentation, this is very useful. It allows you to put pictures of yourself, an object or character right into a scene. It will definitely up your game if you are trying to create a cool Bitmoji Classroom. Remove.bg will save you the time from having to find the perfect transparent png image. You can turn virtually any image into a transparent png. 

The image below illustrates the difference between an image with a background and one with a transparent background. What you see below is the exact same image of a teacher desk, except the one on the right had the background erased with remove.bg.

Follow these steps to get started removing backgrounds of images with remove.bg.

Step 1: Find an image you want. Right click on it and select Copy Image Address.

Step 2: Open a new tab and go to remove.bg.

Step 3: Once on the remove.bg site, click the URL button. 

Step 4: In the pop up window, paste the Image Address you copied earlier and click OK.

Step 5: Watch as the background magically disappears. Based on the complexity of the image, some background aspects may not completely be erased. If you click the Edit button above the image, you can manually erase anything remove.bg missed.

Step 6: When the background has been completely erased, all you will see is a gray and white checker pattern behind the image. At this point, right click on the image and select Copy Image.

Step 7: Go to the Slide or Drawing where you want to insert the image, right click and select Paste.

Below you see the image with transparent background from remove.bg now on my Slide.

This video below demonstrates everything in real time shown in this blog post.

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