Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How Students Screen Record with Flipgrid



Anyone who knows me, knows that Flipgrid is one of my absolute favorites. In recent months, Flipgrid added the ability for students to screen record or screencast. This is huge if kids don't have access to Screencastify or other screencasting tools. If you want students to get practice presenting during distance learning, this is a great option. For you the teacher, when kids upload their videos, you will have them nicely organized within your Flipgrid topic for easy access and to give prompt feedback.

Scenario: Your Flipgrid Topic is asking students to record themselves presenting some slides they created in Google Slides, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. The students created them first and had them ready before accessing the link to your Flipgrid Topic. The screenshots below walk students step by step for recording their presentation of slides. Feel free to share these screenshots with students to help them get started. 

Step 1: After opening the Flipgrid link sent to you by the teacher, click Record Response. Once your camera has opened and you've given permission to access your camera and microphone, click Options.

Step 2: After clicking Options, click Record Screen.

Step 3: When Capture Your Screen appears, click Start Screen Recording. 

Step 4: This will pop up asking what you'd like to share. Choose Your Entire Screen and click the image of your screen. Then click Share. (I advise selecting Choose Your Entire Screen because it allows you to share anything on your computer.)

Step 5: There will be a 3 second countdown before it starts recording. Use those 3 seconds to open the tab with your slides. When you see the screenshot below, open the tab with your slides.

Step 6: When your slides appear, click Present and start presenting.

Step 7: When you're done presenting, go back to the Flipgrid tab and click Stop Recording.

At this point, you will be allowed to review your recording just like you would if you recorded a video of just yourself. You will have the option to delete it and start over if needed. If you are satisfied, click next, take your obligatory Flipgrid selfie, enter your name and submit.

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